The Success Factor – Men, Dress For Success Without Breaking the Bank & Brain Stevens of the National Real Estate Post “Is Raj Date A Regulator Behaving Badly?”

karin hill 2013 It is all about fit, fabric and fashion for the modern man. On this weeks show we are joined by Karin Hill of J. Hilburn. Karen offers the insights of a woman who knows what makes a man look successful in any setting with custom fit clothing.

Brian Stevens Brian Stevens of the National Real Estate Post joins us in the second half of the show and he is talking about former CFPB Director Raj Date who has formed Fenway Summer, a mortgage operation that will directly benefit from the rules he helped create. Brian Ponders, conflict of interest?

Peter Schiff – Past, Present & Future

peterschiff He is the man who predicted the subprime mortgage meltdown and the housing crises that followed, two years before the bubble burst. That’s right and we have a half hour interview with Peter Schiff talking about what he saw then, the situation now and what he sees in the future. Predicting is hard, especially when you are talking about the future and Mr. Schiff has a knack for getting it right.

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A Woman’sGuide To Successful Real Estate Investing featuring Cathleen Soloman – airs April 4th @ 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Cathleen Solomon

Cathleen Solomon is a former paralegal, now real estate investor, coach and speaker from Southern California for the past 12 years.  She’s spent the last 6 years investing in the mid-west though, not California.  She will be discussing why she loves the mid-west for cash flow, what do do if you are “real estate seminar roadkill,” when you’ve spent most of your money on books, tapes and seminars, yet still haven’t gotten started, and how you can recover with small, joint-venture investments in emerging markets.

Vote for Rachel-She Is A National Finalist for 30 under 30!!!

Our very own Rachel Adler is a National Finalist for the National Association of Realtors 30 under 30.  Rachel is a fantastic Realtor and a wonderful part of Real Estate Radio.  Please lend her your support by clicking on the link below and voting for her.  As Rachel tells it, you can vote more than once! So vote early and vote often!  Thank you for your support.

It is Beauties and the Beast This Week on Real Estate Radio

This week we featured Realtor, Broker, business owner and entrepreneur of the year Julie Collison of Colllison Realty along with Cyndee Shingledecker of Old Republic Title and Donna Dowling of John L. Scott.  We talk about women in real estate, what it takes to be successful and how to stay on top of a well-balanced professional and personal life.  It is good listening and definitely food for your brain.

The first hour features Julie Collison:  (click on the > in the upper left hand corner of the page that follows)

The second hour features Cyndee Shingledecker and Donna Dowling with Julie.  Craig and Marty?  Well, they are the beast for this weeks version of Real Estate Radio:  (click on the > in the upper left hand corner of the page that follows)

The Big Settlement May Bring Relief For Thousands of Homeowners and The Bargain In Your Favorite Neighborhood

We cover the impact of the new foreclosure settlement agreement, who is paying, who gets paid and what does it mean for distressed or foreclosed homeowners. By clicking on the following link you will go directly to this program from our audio streaming site.